English information

We’re an innovative, creative and highly accessible library located in the centre of Nieuwegein, as well as three small branches (lending facilities) dispersed througout the city. We strive to be more than just a place where you can borrow books. Our goal is therefore to be a relevant part of daily life in our local community! On this page you therefore can find more English information about our ambitions and activities.  

Feeling at home

We endeavour to be a so called ‘third place’, a place where everyone feels they’re welcome to either study or work, maybe read a newspaper or simply meet one another. Compare it to a living room where people feel at home, are encouraged to develop their talents, quench their thirst for knowledge and enjoy cultural life.   

By providing both relevant and reliable information we enable people to become more knowledgeable. We embrace the principles of positive health as a guideline in all our work, as we are convinced that it contributes to peoples’ well-being and happiness. We’re eager to motivate people to take command over their own lives and increase their resilience.  

Our approach is to offer the available information in both a personal and interactive context, based on the belief that the best way to put knowledge to use, is by applying it to practical situations in your daily life (for instance in the library).  

Through the dissemination of knowledge, the library connects people in many ways. Via our collection, fact sheets, infographics, interactive meetings, public debates, games and lots more!  

But of course, we can’t do this alone. Together with residents and business partners in the city, we work on building sustainable communities based on the following four programs: non-formal education, digital literacy, health and lifestyle and a cultural agenda.  

Our activities

We have some great examples where we blend knowledge, pleasure and positive health to create really fun learning activities. To name a few: the weekly parent-childmeetings, our media makerspace (for children from 6 thru 12), the Lucky Life-community and the 55+café where our more ‘life experienced’ citizens meet. 

In addition, we have a range of programs to support citizens of all ages and backgrounds to learn the Dutch language. We also organize lectures on political and historical topics, offer health checks, activities on the national (children’s) book week and exhibitions.

Do you have questions after reading this information page? See our contact page or send an e-mail to redactie@detweedeverdieping.nu. De tweede verdieping is open on weekdays from 9.00 AM till 8.00 PM and on saturdays from 9.00 AM till 5.00 PM.